The company carries out installation of all types of elevators, and according to the highest standards of quality and that includes all kinds of elevators such as:
1 – Elevator residential buildings

Regarding elevators of residential buildings, Delta offers optimal solutions and most convenient for lifts within the limits of the requirements and possibilities of the client, and the movement of people.
Inside the building and the speed and flow to safety, in addition to the huge interest in the aesthetic aspects. And always built our choice on the basis of performance and economy.
And safety and the length of life in addition to aesthetics as key determinants, where the focus is on one or more specific than those determinants to match the job required of it.

2 – Cargo lifts

Goods lifts are designed in Milan carefully to withstand operating under harsh conditions and to remove all heavy loads, and even Thoz Massaadna on customer confidence, we provide control systems with tremendous potential, enabling it to detect any defects or deficiencies even before they occur.
As characterized Massaadna its superior ability to adjust stances on thresholds regardless of load inside the cab, and as is the case Bmassaadna in many factories such as factory Badrawy and that achieves the level of accuracy stops 0.1 mm, and thus achieves the highest efficiency ratio and lower operating costs.

3 – Panorama lifts

Lifts Panorama for Delta, add a touch of beauty, creativity and elegance to the place around them, we take into account the specificity of the architectural style of the place in the emerging design so in tune with him, we have a fantastic range of cabins local / foreign-made to suit all tastes. So we are always working to provide multiple choices within our basic designs. And built our choice on the basis of performance, economy, safety and reliability as well as aesthetic aspects as key determinants, while they focus on one or more specific than those determinants according to the function required of it

4 – Food lifts

Operates service elevators to lift missions in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries, banks, as well as in private housing, where they are to respond to the requirements of each of these functions in accordance with the space, function and quality of drivers needed, and have the space to meet Ctejat even loads up to 300 kg

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